“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for father involvement.

Your curriculum is very well-written and while compassionate it does not neglect the need for adults to take responsibility for their actions.  Thanks again & keep up the great work!”

-Dr. Jana Sanders, Professor of Education Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

we average 100 families at evening events and 200 fathers on bring your dad days

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Northside Science

With freezing weather outside, Northside Strong Fathers and PTA heated up the inside with a potent mix of BBQ and Bernoulli.  It was fun and tasty!  Thanks to Mr. Ward for all the help and to the strong students who handed out supplies and helped clean up afterwards!  Good job!


Moates Math Night

Woo-hoo!  Add cookies and lemonade to some wild and crazy math games and you have a party!  It was a great  night at Moates!  Thanks to Mr. Miller for help with the set up and to the injured Mrs. Smith for helping with supplies and translation.  The Moates HEROs did a great  job!


Northside Math Night

Smiles.  Laughter.  And Math!  It was a great night at Northside!  Thanks to the Dads, the staff and the PTA for making it a great night!


Marvelous Math Night at Ruby Young Elementary

We had a great math night at Ruby Young Elementary in DeSoto ISD. We had dads and kids, and moms and grandparents along with great teachers, cookies, and DOMINOES! How can it get any better. Kids were learning, Dads were doing the teaching (did you notice the same letters are in teaching in cheating? HMMM….) and everybody was having fun. Thanks to all of the Strong Families that came out, and thanks to the teachers that had already put in a hard day and then came out to help at night as well.


The Meadows Elementary Dad and Kid Math Night

We had a super time at The Meadows Elementary Dad and Kid Math Night.  It was great to see all the Dads and Moms enjoying math games with their children (and enjoying a great plate of spaghetti!).   Thanks to Ms. Angeles and all the staff for their support.  And thanks to all the parents and kids for making The Meadows a great school in DeSoto, TX!


Amber Terrace Math Night

Amber Terrace knows how to have fun with their math!  It was great to see all of the smiles and the number-filled scratch papers!  The Amber Terrace Dads did a good job!


Woodridge Elementary Dad and Kid Math Night

We had a great time at Woodridge Elementary Math Night.  Lots of great Dads and Kids and lots of fun playing math games.  Thanks to all the staff, students, and families at Woodridge in DeSoto, TX! Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

First Episode of Homework 101

Just a simple video that we put together for parents who need to help kids with homework. One in a series. Let me know what you think, also let me know what we can cover in the future.